If you are on a Pro or Elite Stamp Me plan*, you can setup the Scratch & Win game from your Merchant Console in the Campaigns area.

We will ask you for:

  1. Percentage of users that will be invited to play

  2. Win ratio (e.g. is it a 30% chance of winning, 10% chance of winning etc)

  3. What your reward(s)/prize(s) are. You are able to have up to three.

  4. Image for the scratch card** (optional). Must have a blank space at the top of the image for the silver scratch panel and a message for the user to rub finger/scratch it (1284Γ—2778 pixels).

  5. Image for the reward** (optional). Must state the prize – (300Γ—300 pixels).

If you have previously set up the Scratch & Win game and require changes made to it, you can request these from your Merchant Console, or by using this form. Please do not submit a new set up request for changes.

*Scratch & Win is not available on Lite plans.

** If you do not have images, we will create some for you.

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