**Important Note: Stamp Mate Devices are no longer available for new Stamp Me subscriptions. Only replacements are being provided for legacy merchants.

Our Stamp Mate™ is a small, battery-operated plastic device which uses Bluetooth and NFC technology to issue stamp(s) when a member places their phone on top of it. It works just like contactless payment.

The member must have Bluetooth (for iOS devices) or NFC (Android devices) turned on on their smartphone.

Read the technical specifications of the Stamp Mate Device.

How a member collects a stamp with the Stamp Mate device:

  1. Member presses ‘Stamp Me’ on the stamp card they want to collect a stamp on

  2. They touch the back of their phone on top of the Stamp Mate™ Device

  3. Success! A vibration and a green success screen confirms a stamp has been added to their Stamp Card

A visual demo shows where to place the phone after a few seconds if no stamp is collected. For some older smartphones, the member may need to move their phone around for a few seconds to find their phone’s NFC tag.

Note: If a phone does not have NFC/Bluetooth capability, the device will not work. They must press ‘Scan Code Instead’ and scan the Stamp Code instead of the device.

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