If you wish to change the logo on a Stamp Card, you can do so from your Merchant Console or by contacting us if you are on a Lite plan.

To upload correctly, the image must be formatted to 128x128 pixels, a JPG/JPEG or PNG file, and be less than 100KB.

Instructions to change a Stamp Card logo:

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Select Stamp Cards from the red left hand menu

  3. Select the stamp card you wish to edit, by clicking the relevant tab under the page heading. If you only have one stamp card, you do not need to do this.

  4. Select Edit Locations from the bottom left locations area

  5. Select the location you wish to edit from the rows and select Edit

  6. Upload a new logo

  7. Press save

Changes are applied immediately to the Stamp Me App, but you may need to exit and reopen it to refresh the screen.

If you have multiple locations using a single shared stamp card and you see the incorrect logo, you should change every location logo to something generic for the card.

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