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What is the In-App Search Feature?
What is the In-App Search Feature?

Learn about the Explore search feature in the Stamp Me App, and why you may want to hide a Stamp Card from this public search.

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Within the Stamp Me App there is a search feature that allows users to find a business’ Stamp Card to join.

To keep results relevant, it uses the device GPS location services to bring up programs within a 100km radius of the users current location. They can scroll the list or use the search bar.

A Stamp Card can be made private (and therefore hidden from the search list) by turning it off from your Merchant Console, or by contacting us.

Having issues finding your business on this search feature? Check out these troubleshooting steps.

Why hide a Stamp Card from the App?

There are a few instances when hiding a Stamp Card from the search list (making the Stamp Card private) may be useful. They include:

  • Providing exclusivity to select users e.g. creating a VIP stamp card

  • To offer employee/staff only benefits

  • Membership-based programs that are restricted to certain users (and the not general public)

  • Sale of restricted products and services

  • Internal testing or training with staff prior to launching the program

If you want your Stamp Card to be discovered via the in-app search feature, please make sure 'public card' is toggled on from your Merchant Console.

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