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How to Update the Billing Address on Invoices
How to Update the Billing Address on Invoices

How to update the billing address displayed on subscription invoice

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To update the address on your invoice receipts, or to add a phone number, please login to your secure billing portal (for subscription before 28th March 2023) or your Merchant Console and select Manage my subscription from the profile menu on the top right (for subscription after 28th March 2023).

You'll need to enter the email address you created the subscription with, and verify it with an OTP to log in.

Once you are in the billing portal, you can add or update an address or phone number linked to your subscription from the 'Update Information' link under the 'Billing Information' heading.

Make the relevant changes and then press save.

Past and future invoices have been updated with the new billing information. If you need to re-download invoices, follow these instructions.

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