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How Will The Shopify Integration Work?
How Will The Shopify Integration Work?
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Stamp Me will soon be available for Shopify stores!

Although it's not quite ready yet, merchants will be able to operate a simple stamp card program on their Shopify store independent to, or linked to a member's in-store card, if applicable.


Once set up, customers will see a digital Stamp Card on the bottom of their screen, when they are logged into their Shopify account.


Your customers will get stamps automatically when they make a qualifying purchase on your store. You will specify the terms for your offer including what qualifies for a stamp and what the rewards are.

If you have a physical store, you will have the opportunity to have this Stamp Card shared with the Shopify store, or you can have a totally seperate Stamp Card, just for the Shopify store.


Customers redeem rewards, usually a discount code or a nominated product, with the click of a button, automatically applying the reward to their cart at checkout.

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