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How Do I Cancel My Free Trial or Subscription?
How Do I Cancel My Free Trial or Subscription?

Learn how to submit notice of cancellation for your Stamp Me account.

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Legacy Console

(Subscription before 28th March 2023)

These instructions are for people who signed up to Stamp Me prior to 28th March 2023, and do not see a white "Stamp Me v3" badge to the bottom of the red Merchant Console menu.

If it's not working out, please fill in the cancellation form to cancel your Stamp Me plan or free trial. Alternatively, you can email us directly. You must give us notice in writing.

Legacy - free trial cancellation policy:

There are no fees to cancel your free trial. You must however give us notice before the free trial end date, otherwise you will roll onto a paid plan.

If you do not cancel your trial before it transitions onto a paid plan, refunds will not be given.

Legacy - Stamp Me plan cancellation policy:

There are no fees to cancel your Stamp Me plan. Once we receive cancellation notice, your account will be cancelled immediately, usually within 24 hours (excluding weekends).

If you would like us to cancel your plan at the end of the billing period instead, please let us know.

Your latest payment will have been your last.

Beta Stamp Me V3 Console

(Subscription after 28th March 2023)

If you see a white "Stamp Me V3" badge on the bottom of the red menu in your console, you're on Stamp Me v3. You should cancel your trial or paid plan yourself from your merchant console from the profile area.

Instructions on how to cancel:

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Select the profile icon to the top right hand side of the screen

  3. Select My Account

  4. Scroll down to Subscription Details

  5. Select Cancel subscription

  6. Provide cancellation reason and feedback (optional)

  7. Press Confirm cancellation

Your plan has been cancelled and your Stamp Card(s) were removed from the Stamp Me App. No refunds can be given for payments that have already been processed.

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