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How Do I Upgrade Or Change My Plan?
How Do I Upgrade Or Change My Plan?
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Legacy Consoles

(Subscription before 28th March 2023 - Pro & Elite only)

To upgrade or change your plan on the legacy console, please contact us via the ‘Help & Support’ area of your console and we’ll action your request as soon as possible. Your next bill will reflect your new plan charge.

To explore the different plans and their features, see our pricing page.

Beta V3 Console

(Subscription after 28th March 2023)

From the Beta V3 Console, you can manage your subscription and upgrade your plan.

Instructions how to change your plan:

  1. Login to your Merchant Console

  2. Click on the account icon, to the top right hand corner of the screen

  3. Press My Account

  4. Scroll down to Subscription Details

  5. Press Change next to My Plan

  6. Select desired plan

  7. Read through the summary

  8. Press Confirm change

  9. Press Okay

Your plan has been changed and your billing will automatically be adjusted for the next cycle.

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